Be a Fashion Superstar Before You Graduate From Fashion Design School

Just because you haven’t graduated yet doesn’t mean that you can’t start sharing your natural fashion design talent. In fact, as you get closer to earning your degree from your chosen fashion school, this is a good time to start making your presence known in the fashion world. There are several ways to do this, and a few are listed below. You can use these as a “jumping-off” point, and expand on them as you need to.As you pursue your education, make special note of any projects for which you received critical acclaim. If a project of yours receives any recognition outside of the fashion institute classroom, make sure you document that as thoroughly as you can. Collect any and all references that were made in both on-campus and off-campus publications. If your work is displayed anywhere, take your own pictures and keep all programs, brochures, or any other publications that mention your work. Start preparing your portfolio before you leave your fashion design school. Pick out your best pieces and take steps to preserve them by laminating and placing them between protective covers. This will help ensure that there is no fading of artwork, photography, or anything else.Carry your portfolio with you whenever you think you may have a chance to display it. Don’t worry about seeming pushy or aggressive; rather, think of it as asserting confidence in your work. Your willingness to take the initiative in showing your work will be remembered when the time comes to start your fashion design career. Start networking. It is never too early to start getting your name, face, and designs out there. Use fashion school professors and other administrators as well as your classmates and personal contacts. Don’t forget to return the favor!Consider an internship. This is often a very good way to display your talents and ideas. It can also help you get your foot in the door in regards to a place of employment after you graduate. Further, many fashion design schools let internship count as partial or full credit towards obtaining your degree, something which may help you finish your education earlier.Consider traveling abroad, whether for studying or simply to visit fashion design venues in other countries. Find out if your fashion institute sponsors foreign study programs. If it doesn’t, figure out a way to visit such places as Italy, which is a fashion design mecca. The experience you gain will be two-fold: you will have the opportunity to observe other cultures and you will gain first-hand knowledge of the fashion design industry.